Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aqui estoy ... de casualidad

Today I revisited Centro de Lima with my family...
And we happened to walk into an Andean festival of some sort.
I'm still not certain exactly.
There were various dance groups all decked out in their colorful and feather-ful costumes
They brought icons and banners out of the church and paraded them around the square with dancers in between each. The festival was definitely Andean and from Cuzco area; I asked a crowd-neighbor and he said it wasn't Corpus Cristi but similar. Who knows.

Oh, and then the president showed up - Alan Garcia, the current president of Peru. So we saw him enter the cathedral from his motorcade and then leave later. Cool.
(He's there in the middle below, the tall one next to the white-haired one, surrounded by all his people)
And now my parents know what I meant when I said random things just happen in Lima.

Hasta la proxima

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