Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con danza

Tonight was another program cultural activity; we went to a restaurant called La Dama Juana where there is a a Peruvian dance show. (It's in Larcomar if you ever want to go) They did a variety of Peruvian dances, the names of most of which I didn't catch. Speaker audio + noisy room = still don't understand the Spanish very well. The dancers were very talented and I enjoyed watching. The buffet dinner was also excellent. (Tres leches cake is delicioso)

This was my favorite dance, the tijeras, which means scissors. The dancers are actually holding scissors which they use as instruments. They danced all together for a while, then had a sort of dance-off, solo part with some acrobatics. Very impressive. (Also a little painful to watch. Some of those things hurt to do on gymnastics mats, I can only imagine on a hard wood stage)

A couple short videos to give you an idea:

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