Friday, April 29, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con misterio solucionado

Background: As micros go through the streets, once in a while they stop for a datero, who marks the time on their paper and yells out three numbers. I knew these numbers had something to do with counting micros and the time between them, but today I got the official answer from an ex-micro-chofer:

The numbers are the number of minutes passed since a micro of the same route has gone by, so for example 3! 8! 4! would mean 3 minutes had passed since the last one had gone by, 8 before that and 4 before that. A bigger number means more time which means more chance of potential passengers waiting.

Bonus solved mystery:
Sitting at my computer working on an outline for my parcial essay, every few minutes I hear a faint beeping, which sounds like a phone but my phone is in my pocket. Then I also hear vibrating which I heard this morning as well and thought it was construction outside. Turns out it's my US phone, which I use as an alarm. The alarm which I got up before and didn't turn off this morning. Poor little phone has been going off every five minutes for ten and a half hours. It was beeping because it was dying. Woops.

Hasta la proxima

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