Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aqui estoy ... deseandoles felices pascuas

Happy Easter to all!

Lima Easter has been different than others I have experienced. Overall I would say it is a more low-key holiday than in the US. Despite being a fairly Catholic country, for many Peruvians Semana Santa seems to be more about days off than about religion. Many Limenos travel outside of Lima. But many places were still closed some combination of days, almost everything was on Friday.

This morning I went to a non-denominational service with a friend and really enjoyed it, even without the usual trappings I associate with Easter festivity. There were no lilies or brass group or everyone dressed up extra special. Although I did miss those things, I enjoyed Lima Easter. I do appreciate the lack of commercialism of Easter here. Plastic eggs, easter bunnies, Hallmark cards and Peeps are nowhere to be found. It's not that those things are bad, I just don't miss them. (My host mom did get me some chocolate eggs, which is exciting)

I'm not as eloquent or reflective about these things as I'd like to be so I will just close with some words from a new song I learned this morning:
Poderoso ----------------------Powerful
Me libraste--------------------You freed me
Me salvaste-------------------You saved me
Esta escrito, has vencido-----It is written, you have won
Cristo, tu eres Senor-----------Jesus, you are Lord

Feliz Pascua,
Hasta la proxima

(PS: In other news, car alarm total for yesterday: 7, today: 4)

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