Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aqui estoy ... prestando atencion

Today I decided to write down all the random things that made me laugh/smile/smirk/look again. Lima is full of such things. I don't think I've ever ridden a micro the whole way to or from school without something interesting happening.
So, little glimpses of today:

- My micro hit another micro. Always a nice way to start the day. A combination of large busses, impatience, people stopping in the middle of the road and potholes I think. From what I could see, there didn't appear to be damage to either bus though.

- As I sat on a bench to read a little before class, I heard what I think was movie audio coming from a window. But it was in English. A conversation between an adult and a child in which the child said "I only like you when you give me cookies!"

- Also seen from the bench: a guy carrying a large, carved wooden chair wrapped in bubble wrap

- Security guards at la Cato sometimes ride Segways. Which is amusing in itself. But today, I noticed that they wear elbow pads. I haven't seen elbow pads since learning to ride a bike.

- Walked out of my class building to discover that the fotocopiadora had moved. And by moved I mean the whole trailer-sized building with the multiple copy machines inside was about 30 yards away from where it had always been before. Why?!

- I picked a spot on the grass to read, intentionally away from any sprinklers. (They turn on randomly and I have no desire to be wet. Side note - la Cato is obsessed with watering the grass) A worker proceeds to move a sprinkler and ask me to move. Irony strikes again.

- Some guy was standing around holding a giant globe balloon with stickers all over it. And by giant I mean probably 4 ft diameter.

- There was loud discoteca music playing on campus today. I'm not sure exactly where it was actually coming from but I could hear it from one end of campus to the other.

- My chocolate melted in the sun so I ate it with a fork. Can't let it go to waste, right?

- There were two people in full costume walking down the middle of the street on stilts on my way home today.

- The man next to me on the micro was falling asleep and had the head-bob as well as the shoulder-slide going.

- Car alarm count for the day: 7. Airplane/helicopter-so-loud-I-can't-hear-the-professor-and-I'm-in-the-second-row count: 3

So there's tidbits of life in Lima for you.
Hasta la proxima


  1. la cato is SUCH a fascinating place.
    things i have witnessed:
    -someone dressed as a giant blood drop trying to get people to donate blood.
    -LOTS of pda
    -things getting set up for days and then they are gone in a matter of hours
    -so many random ferias - selling everything from books to earrings to homemade underwear
    -a group of students walking and randomly falling down, or hugging people

    and wait, security guards on segways? what?!?!

    also, i may or may not be guilty of nodding off on the micro a few times. head-bob and all.

  2. hahaha nice. I really need to bring my camera more often.
    homemade underwear???
    I have definitely seen things get put up and taken down in days or hours. There was a D'onofrio booth for like a week and then from morning to afternoon it was gone.

    Randomest thing I've seen would have to be the shirtless guy running around with Tocame painted on his chest trying to get people to touch him. Someone was following him videotaping. No idea why.

    Yes, segways. Those are new I guess. They ride around campus all the time. I think it's hilarious.