Friday, April 29, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con instrucciones

How to drive like a Limeño:

First, make sure your car alarm works. This is very important. You should set it off lots of times to check on it.

When you're driving down the street, ignore all signs or paint on the road that tell you to stop. Honking loudly before going through an intersection should be take care of that. Don't worry about pedestrians either.

Lane lines are also to be ignored. You should endeavor to squeeze through wherever possible, especially if it inconveniences other drivers.

If you want to turn left you should do it from the farthest right lane possible although any will do. If someone is turning ahead of you, don't wait for them to turn, pull around them and try to turn first.

You only need to tap the brakes for speed bumps and potholes.

Honking at anyone and everyone is always good.

Other cars ahead of you are for playing slalom with.

Sometimes you should stop randomly on the side of the road, especially if you're a taxi but also if you want to buy fruit or a newspaper. Don't worry about the honking people behind you.

Javier Prado and Arequipa at rush hour are especially good places to practice your driving.

Look out Massachusetts, I'm going to come back and drive like a Limeña. ;)

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  1. strangely enough i came back as a more cautious driver. perhaps i just expected everyone to drive like limeños. but also i got more easily frustrated with other drivers...and i think i honk more. oops.