Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en la cocina

How to make chicha morada: 1) Boil purple corn to make the base 2) Add limon and lots of sugar

Tada! Delicious. Today we had our taller de cocina, a cooking workshop. It was very fun and very well done. We were at D'Gallia, a very good culinary school. (And I successfully took a new micro to get there) We received the recipes so I will be trying them again at home for sure :) My group learned to make aji de gallina, which is exciting because it is one of my two favorite dishes in Peru. The yellow is the aji sauce - it's made from yellow peppers and not too spicy when prepared well. (It reminds me a little of chicken curry, but that could be because of the color more than the taste)
The final products of all the groups, from far left and clockwise: Papas a la huancaina (potatoes in a special sauce), lomo saltado (stir-fried beef), tiradito (in the middle - similar to ceviche but thinly sliced), causa de pulpo (octopus), ceviche, aji de gallina and vegetarian causa.

The strange thing in all of this is that there is no rice to be found. I think this might be the most food I've seen in Peru unaccompanied by rice.

Hasta la proxima

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