Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en catacumbas

Today I went with some friends to Centro de Lima to see the Iglesia San Francisco which has catacombs underneath. Did you know Lima didn't have a regular cementary until 1808? And when it first started people didn't want to be buried in it, they still wanted to use the catacombs. I didn't bring my camera so photo credits go to Melissa (outside) and google (insides) since photos were not allowed inside the church or the catacombs.

The church of San Francisco
The library inside, those big books were used for the choir to read the chants

The ceiling of the cathedral in the plaza. I just learned about cathedrals in my history of art class...those arcs on the ceiling are called ogivas. They began in gothic cathedrals and supported more weight, allowing thinner, more decorative walls and taller cathedrals.

In the catacombs (you can go look up pictures of the bones yourself. Let me just saw that we saw a lot of femurs)

The Plaza de Armas
The changing of the guard outside the goverment palace in the plaza

Hasta la proxima!

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