Monday, April 11, 2011

Aqui estoy ... jueves y viernes

These feet climbed this canyon

So, Thursday after my last class I took a cab to the airport with some programmates and we flew to Arequipa on Peruvian Airlines. Fun fact: even though the flight was barely over an hour, we got food. (And it was better food than I got on my 8 hour flight from the States) When we arrived we went to hostal and checked in. Like many buildings in Peru it was very open. All the rooms opened onto a terrace.

On Friday we were up early for a simple breakfast of some delicious Arequipa-style bread. (Fun fact: we probably all ate more carbs this weekend than the last week. It was pan and more pan, which was fine with me) We took a 9 am bus to Cabanaconde at the other end of the canyon. Along the way we went way up in the sierra (to snow-covered ground) and had some beautiful views into the canyon.

We arrived around 3. After buying our bus tickets back and fixing a little hostal mix-up, we started down around 4, led by Pablo, the owner of the Oasis hostal at the bottom. (Fun fact: 4 is very late to start down. We ended our hike in the rain and pitch black. Not recommended) Once we got to the hostal we attempted to dry out a little and had a delicious dinner of soup and spaghetti then bedtime in our little bungalows.

Hasta la proxima!

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