Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con misterios

Mysteries of Peru:

- Taxi drivers who put the parking brake on at every traffic light (but ignore stop signs in favor of honking before going through every intersection)

- Matching people. On campus, all the security guards match and all other non-faculty staff match. All the cashiers at the grocery match down to their earrings and hair scrunchies. Sometimes there are randomly groups of people on the sidewalk all in identical attire.

- The numbers the guys on the street call out to the micro cobradors. 334! 656! Are they counting the micros? I don’t know

- Women who can put on mascara on a moving micro without stabbing themselves in the eye

- Why micro 26 got new tickets with no quotes immediately after I wrote about them

- How things appear and disappear on campus within days. Book fair, tents, signs, d’onafria ice cream booth, sidewalk stickers, a tent with 20 chess sets set up.

- Why some micros have ‘se vende’ signs in the back. Who wants to buy a 20 year old micro? Is there a secret market for dirty old buses I’m unaware of?

- Car alarms. I still don't understand how they can possibly manage to go off so often. (Count in the last hour: 4)

- The same TV show that is always playing in the bank with the exact same Candid Camera-style pranks.

Hasta la proxima

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  1. a little insight into the random numbers called out by the dateros - it has something to do with the minutes that have passed since the previous micro has come by, both of the same linea and the competition. although the rather large numbers never really did make any sense. it's something like that. ask jorge. i bet he would know. =)