Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con jueves extrano

I've mentioned it before, but strange things happen on Thursdays at la Catolica.

I was doing homework in the computer lab when outside I heard drums and shouting, which turned out to be these guys with drums, a horn and some flags.

I have no idea what they were doing or shouting about. But then they started marching.
I decided to walk down the main pathway and see what else was going on and found this: a dancefloor (And some Anti-Keiko protestors dressed and painted all in white)

Which turned into this: a dance competition with couples from each facultad (academic department) competing, kind of like intramurals. They started with about 25 couples, gradually voting them off until there were 4 finalists. By the end, those 4 pairs had danced for over an hour straight! (And no, I don't know why there was someone in a crow costume, all I can saw is strange things happen on Thursdays)

They danced a great variety of music, starting with discoteca-type Latin pop, moving into some American music, (Thriller, YMCA, MC Hammer and the Macarena all made an appearance) then on to some more classic dances, from salsa to marinera to an afroperuvian dance as well as others I didn't know. Here's one of my favorites, check out their footwork!
All in all a pretty epic Thursday. (And that's before meeting with a director about possibly being a movie extra. Except I apparently can't pass as a Peruvian man or a Chilean soldier. Bummer. ;) )
Hasta la proxima!

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