Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aqui estoy ... normal

My apologies for several days with no posts, I’ve been busy doing not terribly blog-worthy things, like class, homework and micros.

Interesting moments:


- Story time in Inca class, my professor told us his story of going to the Ayacucho area in the 80s to study a colonial-era religious movement, but getting arrested by the army because it was right at the beginning of the terrorist years and they thought he was in the Italian mafia and helping the communist Sendero Luminoso.

Inside my micro


- Big birthday party for the 4 people in my program with birthdays in May. Everyone brought some Peruvian friends; I’d say there were about 50 people in all! I had a good time talking with some new people
JNew friends

- Went to a dance workshop where I learned some steps from various Peruvian dances (marineram festejo, nortena), and that my hips just don't move that way (much less hips, shoulders and feet all at once) Haha

- Spending the day with my host mom and her grandchildren, ages 2 and 5 months. Love it!


  1. hmmm a rather empty micro. let me it one of the Orion ones? white and red? maybe 19 or 20 or 21?

    i remember the taller de baile! so much fun. although i could not get my caderas to move correctly either.

    and mira! q linda está la paulita!!

  2. No, it was 26. It usually clears out by the time I get to school in the morning. I always get a seat eventually, I just happened to be in the back of the bus this time with no one behind me so I pulled out my camera.