Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en el zoo

Today I visited Parque de la Leyendas, a combination zoo, family park and archaeological site. I must say, it was a little awkward because we were definitely the whitest people around and by appearances the only ones without small children in tow. Oh well, we had fun anyway.

The park is separated into la sierra (mountain region), la selva (jungle), la costa (coast) and internacionales. (The monkeys in the selva were my favorite) We also went into a museum that explained the huacas of the park and one randomly about petroleum, sponsored by PetroPeru. (A nice happy view of gas exploration, an interesting comparison to the video we watched in class about all the awful things such companies are doing to indigenous peoples who have little political voice and their lands) It wasn’t the best zoo I’ve ever been to but we certainly got our exercise for the day, the place is huge!

The Lord of Sipan
The venado - these deer escaped from this same zoo years ago and that's why there's crazy deer on the PUCP campus
Tortugas galapagos ("Psst, hey, you awake over there")
Mono :)
And then there was a lagoon. Random, but it had pretty boats

Hasta la proxima!

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