Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aqui estoy .. con libros

The two ethnographies I read for Amazonica
(Yes, they're in English, turns out most anthropology work is in English and the Peruvian students are expected to read it. But I'm still writing my paper in Spanish, no worries)
(And yes, that second one is a photocopy. The library copy is a photocopy. Don't even get me started)
Let's just say me and the Peruvian library system are not friends and leave it at that.

Times I have had to take out and return and take out again:
Kinship with Monkeys: 4
From the Milk River: 5
(Subtitle on that second one: Spatial and temporal processes in the Northwest Amazonia...doesn't that sound like a fun read?)

Total days out:
Kinship with Monkeys: 17
From the Milk River: 21

Do you realize that at Gordon or Gales Ferry I would only have had to take them out once and wouldn't have even needed to renew them!
Oh Peru. Some of your differences I love, some are amusing, some are strange and some make me want to pull my hair out. Asi es la vida I suppose.

Hasta la proxima

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