Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aqui estoy ... nadando con lobos marinos!

Today the program took us to go on a boat tour of the islands just off the coast of Lima. They are called the Islas Palominos and are known for a variety of things, from the guano that was once a huge commodity and that Peru still exports to the prison that holds notorious prisoners like Abimael Guzman (former leader of the terrorist group Shining Path). The islands are also known for sea lions which is what we primarily went to see.

We left from the port of Callao and traveled past several islands

On the way we saw some neat birds including the Inca tern which has a "mustache"

An island with many lobos marinos and their calls (lobos marinos literally means marine wolves in Spanish)

Then we jumped off the boat into the (very, very) cold water and swam off toward the sea lions. We got really close! (As in, one popped up about a foot from my face. Surprise!)

There was lots of smiling and laughing and a little shrieking in surprise

I think the sea lions were equally curious about us..

And then there were penguins. :)

Hasta la proxima

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