Monday, May 16, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con peruanos famosos

As part of my curiosity-driven self-education about Peru I wanted to know who exactly the namesakes of the streets I frequent were. Thus, I present to you Famous Peruvian People, (assisted by Wikipedia).

Simón Bolivar – known as El Libertador, a key leader in the wars for independence of most of South America as well as the establishment of democracy. (Thus he gets multiple streets named after him, potentially leading to confusion if you take a micro to the wrong one. I walk past one in Miraflores and my micro takes one as well)

Jose de San Martin – another important liberator of various South American countries

Antonio Raimondi – a Italian-born early archaeologist who got a park rather than a road named after him (He was even in my Incas book)

Alfredo Benavides – a Peruvian diplomat and founder of the Peruvian Olympic Committee. Not the president Oscar Benavides.

José Larco – possibly a mayor of Miraflores. There’s apparently a song about the street though.

José Pardo – a twice president of Perú in the early 1900s, also the son of a president. He worked on education reform (bonus points for that) But he got ousted in a coup.

Javier Prado – a prime minister of Perú in 1910. There is also a Costa Rican soccer player and a Mexican luchador by the same name but I’m going with the Peruvian.

Admiral Miguel Grau – a Peruvian hero of the naval Battle of Angamos and the War of the Pacific, known as the Gentleman of the Seas for his chivalry, rescuing the crew of the enemy ship he sunk or warning them to abandon ship before opening fire. He was mourned by both Peruvians and Chileans when killed in battle.

There’s also lots of streets named after places, international and domestic, from Brasil, Panama and Cuba to Arequipa and Tacna.

Hasta la proxima

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