Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con amigos

This weekend I visited Gordon for the last time before I leave for Peru. It was a wonderful weekend but bittersweet; Nice to be able to hang out with friends without the need to do homework but sad to drive away and know I won’t be back for months. I really am blessed to have landed at Gordon for my college career. I didn’t entirely know what I wanted when I was looking at schools as a high school senior, but the longer I’m at Gordon, the more certain I am that I found it. I love the atmosphere, the opportunities both academic and extracurricular and most of all the people. From students to professors, people I know well to acquaintances, the Gordon community has quality people. And I have an especially amazing (and silly and absurd and smart) group of friends.

This was proven again Friday night as we again joined the pub quiz. I am astounded every time at the sheer combined quantity of arcane trivia we know. Most of our arguments over an answer were not over the actual answer, but over spelling. (Spelling, by the way, did not count. Only to us) But that’s us for you.

I’m excited to dive into a new place with new people and a new culture. I know Peru is an amazing place and that I will find some wonderful people there. I hope it will become yet another home away from home. But I’m still glad to know that in the fall, I have one more year to enjoy at Gordon.

Hasta la próxima.

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