Monday, February 21, 2011

Aqui estoy … con clases

Okay, so I’m not really here with classes. I’m really here with a list of potential classes. I love scheduling some I'm a little (lot) ahead of the game. (Just ask any of my friends. I make color-coded schedules for them and try to make 4-year paradigms of their classes. Sorry gang. It’s the type-A-ness. Don’t judge.)

So I used the lovely PUCP site to search for classes that might fit my requirements and interests. (That was like a week ago) Then I waited (im)patiently until today when the actual schedule with times and such was posted and looked up all of those. Then I made a colorful schedule to see which classes conflicted and such and so forth. I was having so much fun I forgot to eat lunch. See the picture? Isn’t it pretty? (You can click on it and see it bigger in all its prettiness)

Now I have been warned that Peru is unlikely to oblige my on-time, prepared, type-A-ness. I already have some experience with ‘latin time’. I’m sure this will factor in to some culture shock but at least I’m expecting it. I figure that even if things end up happening “mañana”, I’m prepared for the rare time that they do happen 'hoy'. (Hoy = today) Because if they wait for mañana and I wait for mañana, mañana’s mañana will never come. (If that made no sense, don’t worry. I already got a raised eyebrow look when I said it to my mom. It makes sense in my head so too bad.) Lucky you, you shall perhaps be privy to future ranting on the subject ;)

Hasta la próxima

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