Friday, February 18, 2011

Aquí estoy … con niños

Since I have had such a long winter break (because it’s summer in Peru), I have been working full-time as a toddler/preschool teacher. I can’t believe that today was my last day. I have really, really enjoyed it. My coworkers are great; the kids are great. I’m sad to be leaving them. (But I get to go back this summer!) Some things I’ve learned in just a few short weeks:

As soon as someone has it, someone else will want it. The toy can sit unused for a whole day (or week), but as soon as one kid has it, suddenly everyone is fighting over it.
2. (As a teacher,) You will find yourself saying things that could only make sense once. (“Please be nice to the pancake” “Put down the pickle”)
3. Be prepared to repeat yourself ad infinitum. (Go potty. Walk away from ___. Clean up. Yes I will tie your shoe.)
4. Children are more observant than adults realize.
5. Like a watched pot, watched babies will not spit up. It’s only when you glance away that they getcha.
6. You will sometimes have to try desperately not to laugh at things the kids do or say. (Girl to boy who just knocked over her block tower, “Don’t break my heart like that!”)

Kids are wonderful.

Hasta la próxima.

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