Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aqui estoy … con cartitas

Dear Abby,
I’m stealing your idea. Sorry. Hope that’s ok. :D

Dear Continental airplane,
Your little seatback TVs are pretty awesome but I was still disappointed there was not SkyMall for me to read.

Dear little boy on my flight,
You are awesome for being so excited. “We’re FLYING!!!”

Dear soccer jersey man,
I knew when you sat down at the gate and I could hear your music through your ear buds that we were not friends. But you certainly didn’t help matters but reclining your seat the entire 8 hours so I couldn’t actually put my knees straight.

Dear taxi driver,
Why were you playing an English radio station? Return to Sender was pretty random to hear in my first hour in Lima.

Dear Dani and Abby,
Everything you said about Lima traffic is true. I think they abide by the “Turn signals give away your plan” maxim even more than Mass. drivers. Yield signs and lane lines are mere suggestions. And don’t even think about the speed limit.

Dear Lima,
You have awesome colored buildings. I particularly like the periwinkle one.

Dear Catolica deer,
I’m watching you. I have heard about your escapades.

Dear Peru,
Your food is delicious. I look forward to trying more.

Hasta la próxima

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