Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aquí estoy … con maletas

Who knew? My life fits in two suitcases and a backpack. Or at least enough life for a semester. I hope. But the real question is how I managed to fit one semester of my life’s stuff in two suitcases when I stuffed my car to the gills to move in for last semester. (That of course, has a little something to do with having an apartment and thus a kitchen to outfit, but still!) Whatever. At least it all fits. And I’m not even at the have-to-sit-on-it-to-get-it-to-close point. (But once I start sticking things in leftover nooks and crannies...all bets are off) I love packing. It appeals to my organized and list-making self.

(Potentially interesting) things I’m bringing besides clothes and such:
- Peanut butter. Oh yes. Did you know peanut butter is uncommon in Peru? I LOVE peanut butter. I’m all for trying new foods and enjoying Peruvian cuisine. But I still want peanut butter.

- Spanish bananagrams. A present for my host family. Hopefully they like word games. And hopefully I will improve at Spanish bananagrams.

- Crossword books. For the plane. Again, the word game theme. Too bad boggle is no fun to play against yourself.

- Sticky notes. Do Peruvians use post-its? I have no idea. But I definitely use them. So just in case, I have some. Maybe I can get llama sticky notes ;)

- Webcam. For skype. You should skype me.

Hasta la próxima (¡que será en Perú!)

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