Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aqui estoy … con futbol americano

(This has nothing to do with Peru. Except that in Peru, they play futbol, not football.)

(This post is also on the somewhat sarcastic end of my personality. Not the side you probably see in class or work for those of you from those places. There's your fair warning)

Super bowl commercials are always much-hyped. Here’s my thoughts on this year’s:

The winner – Child dressed as Darth Vader goes around the house trying to use the force. Nothing changes until he gets to the car, which turns on … spin to Dad inside with the remote key – Cute and actually made me laugh out loud

Also a win – the shiny glow stick people from the half-time show

Clever and amusing if not actually funny - Chevy Cruze – old people mishearing things while watching the commercial


Licking fingers and pants (Doritos)

Talking cars (

Talking investment baby (etrade)


Eminem being dumb and demanding things (Brisk – I don’t even know what this is, only that I will never buy it)

Random scantily-clad women (Go Daddy – I don’t know what this is either and don’t think I want to)

Other comments

The Daily – with What a wonderful world in the background – I hate this song. It may be ‘classic’ but I still hate it. So sue me.

Best Buy – with Ozzy and Justin Bieber – sorry, but I have to approve the Bieber-bashing. I can’t stand his songs… “How many bloody G’s are there?!” “What’s a bieber”

Chevy cruze – first date – Just what the world needs: a car you can check facebook in while driving

In any case, I was sufficiently amused by the commercials and the football game in between was even good! ;) Go Packers.

Hasta la próxima.

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