Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con números

You probably know already that I’m a math person. (Or if you don’t, now you do.) Not as much as my brother (grin of acknowledgement here for those who know him) but I like numbers and on any personality sort of test, the logical-mathematical-type one always comes out on top. It goes along with the type-A-scheduled-organized-ness. Thus, I have some numbers about Peru to share.

According to my little desktop gadget, I leave in 17 days, 22 hours and 45 minutes, also known as less than three weeks! This seems simultaneously like a very short time and a very long time. I’m certainly feeling ready to leave winter but I’m not sure I’m ready to go to a new continent to do it. As time ticks by I am getting more excited for new opportunities and experiences though. But I’ve still got 3 more weeks of snow to make me completely ready to go anywhere else. ;)

According to the other gadget, the exchange rate is currently 1 dollar = 2.765 soles. This means next to nothing to me at the moment since I’m not yet attempting to buy things in nuevo soles, except that I will probably get very good at dividing by about-3.

And of course, there’s always the weather. Lately I am convinced that the weather has decided to cram as much winter as possibly into January and February before I go. I don’t remember this much snow before, ever. We could practically build an igloo garage for my poor car. Now I know this vendetta is unlikely to be the case, as my mother kindly reminded me, “Bec, no offense, but I doubt the weather cares about you personally.” Fine, but allow me my delusions. Anyway, the numbers I’m intending to be sharing. The high today in CT is 39. (Which, unfortunately for the point I am attempting to make, is the highest high we’ve had in weeks. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain, it’s sunny out) The high in Lima today is 28. But that’s in Celsius, which actually makes it a balmy 81 F. Only 3 more weeks. J

Hasta la próxima (if I don’t get snowed in)

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