Friday, February 25, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en PERU!

It's true, I am finally in Peru. I arrived in Lima late last night after a very long flight. I met some people from the program last night and the rest today. Everyone seems very nice. We went to PUCP today and took a placement exam. (Which went fine, except for the part where I misread the essay question. Not to self, read all future questions very carefully) I really like the campus. It's very pretty, but that could also be some bonus points from the weather. It is lovely to have warm weather although at points it is uncomfortably hot. When there's a breeze it's beautiful. (Sorry to everyone still stuck with snow.) The rest of the day was orientation and lunch at a buffet. I tried some new foods, tried some things again. Aji de gallina was delicious. Tried Pisco Sour (a very Peruvian alcoholic drink) but didn't like it. This evening we are going out for dinner on our own. Should be fun!

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