Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aqui estoy … con cosas no quiero manejar

Things I would not want to drive in the streets of Lima (but have indeed seen):

- A cement truck

- An 18-wheeler

- A micro (of any shape or size)

- A tiko (little tiny crumple cars of death)

- A cart with furniture stacked 8 feet high and tied

- A little cube that looks like it came off a carnival ride called a moto-taxi

- A bus plastered with presidential posters and playing carnival music

- Pretty much anything, actually ;)

Hasta la proxima


  1. how 'bout a taxi filled with chicken? (like ready to sell in the market, legs and necks and all - just chilling in the back of a taxi)

    yup. saw the chicken taxi TWICE.

  2. That's gross! I hope I don't see that. (And I definitely wouldn't want to drive it)