Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en la playa

We went to the beach today! No tsunamis, but no sun either. It was cloudy and actually a little chilly, not a swimming day for me. I had fun just sitting and enjoying the sound of the ocean and the good company. It was certainly a bit different than American beaches though. All those umbrellas and chairs belong to the various restaurants. Basically, you can sit in their chairs as long as you buy some food from them. They'll come to you with a menu and bring the food to you which I find nice and awkward at the same time. There's also people walking up and down the beach selling all manner of things from ice cream to blankets. (Today I would've been more likely to buy the latter than the former) Overall, an enjoyable day.

Hasta la proxima!
PS: Fun fact of the day, speaking of playas, in Peru, parking lots are called playas de estacionamiento: parking beaches :)

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