Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aqui estoy … echando de menos

Things I miss in the US:

- Family and friends (goes without saying, even though I just said it anyway)

- Cream cheese

- Clocks on walls

- The concepts of random and awkward, for which there are no satisfactory words in Spanish

- Being able to express myself without thinking first whether I know the words to say it

- Driving

- Catacombs (at Gordon)

- Playing guitar (I can do that here too, I just haven’t had a chance yet)

- My mom’s bread

- My favorite reading spots in Jenks

- Real milk (as in not evaporada or descremada)

- Pandora radio

- Silence

Thinking about the things I miss also got me thinking about what a privileged position I really am in here and how grateful I am for that. First off, that even though I miss these things, I know that in a few months I will go back to them and that I should make good use of the time I do have here. I think about people who move permanently to a new country either by choice or fleeing something. They don’t have the luxury of knowing they will be returning to their comfort zone with the people and things they miss. I’m also grateful to have the financial resources to ameliorate some of the things I miss, like buying a bagel and cream cheese and having a computer for skype. I also have a great support system here of program director and classmates and my host family. I arrived with plans arranged and a place to stay, a way to get there and people to welcome me. I did not have to search for a safe place to stay or a job. I may feel frustrated sometimes with my Spanish skills and feeling like I communicate like a child but I have the benefit of having people who do speak my language if absolutely necessary and who for the most part are compassionate and encouragin listeners. I did not have to leave a good job and arrive in a new country where I could only get an entry-level low-paying job like many immigrants do. Overall I am very grateful for my time here in Peru and I plan to make the best use of it by trying new things and learning as much as I can.

Hasta la proxima

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