Friday, March 11, 2011

Aquí estoy … dos semanas

It’s true; I’ve been here over two weeks now. Today was our last day of Intensivo. I think I will miss it, it was a very good class. I will not miss being in class for 6 hours a day but we had a good time. I think my Spanish did improve in there too. We practiced all manners of things: giving presentations, reading and writing, listening, conversation, grammar review. We also laughed a lot as we played games to practice speaking or vocabulary or were just generally silly.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with all the ways the program has prepared us for this semester. After meeting some other international students who just arrived and are looking a little lost on campus (I actually gave directions to some. In Spanish no less) I really appreciate having had some time to adjust and having Marion and Melvin to lead us. I’m looking forward to starting semester courses!

Next week marks the beginning of direct enrollment classes. Sort of anyway. International students get the first week to try out whatever classes we’re thinking about before committing and registering the next Monday. I’m thinking about Amazon Ethnography or Andean Ethnohistory, History of Art, and History of Peru before the 18th century or Peru in Modern Times. They all sound really interesting so it’ll depend on which professors I like.

Hasta la próxima.

PS: Yes, there’s a tsunami warning. It’s not supposed to be big. Plus Lima is on the top of a cliff. But we’re still not going to the beach tomorrow. So no worries.

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