Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aquí estoy … con viaje de campo

Yesterday afternoon we had a semi-mutiny in Spanish class. We convinced out professor that taking a trip to Wong, a nearby supermarket, to learn food vocabulary would be a much better use of time than practicing exposiciones again. So off we went. I learned a lot of words for fruit and various other things. It was a good time to just ask random Spanish word questions. One even came into quick use as afterward in our meeting with our PUCP compañeros one was trying to remember the English word for ciruelo, which we had just learned was plum. Yay, application! (The compañeros, by the way, are PUCP students who have volunteered to help us out and show us around and be our friends. I had some good conversation with a couple after the meeting)

More fun things I learned in Wong:
- In Peru, they sell bread without the crust. Not all of the loaves, but there are whole loaves chilling there on the shelf naked, without their crust. How has this not made it to the US? I mean, I love crust on my bread, but I know a lot of people don’t.
- They sell llama jerky.
- They don’t know about what we call lemon in the US. They call their little limes “limón”.

I didn’t have my camera but other people took pictures. I will post some when I can get them from their facebooks :D

Hasta la próxima

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