Monday, March 7, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en campus

So, this week and last I have a two-week intensive Spanish course before the beginning of regular courses. This is at la Catolica but today was the first day I brought my camera.
Looking across campus from the fourth floor of building Zeta where our class is

Same spot, different direction

The coffee machine on the first floor of Zeta. You can get a pretty tasty capuccino for 1.50 soles, less than a dollar.

Have I told you there's deer on campus? This is more startling than it originally sounded to me. Oh deer, sure, whatever. But when you see them it's actually like Whoa! deer. Who's brilliant idea was it to put deer on an urban campus is what I'd like to know.

My lunch, broccoli pie. Which was actually quite good. And possibly the first time in my life I have liked broccoli anything.

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