Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con tarea?

(Taken into my room from outside with the PUCP sticker on the window left from some previous student)

It's true. I finally have homework again. Can't say I've missed it.
Yesterday we started PUCP classes and so far they are pretty good. Nothing struck me as WOW this will be amazing but I think the topics are interesting and they'll grow on me. It's still feeling a little overwhelming to have all my classes in Spanish and mostly with people who actually speak the language but overall I feel like I have understood the professors pretty well. One in particular was very welcoming and offered to help us with whatever we needed for the class. However, thinking in Spanish all the time is tiring so I am going to go finish my reading and go to bed.

Tomorrow I attempt to take a book out of the library and go to the fotocopiadora. (Actually, I already attempted this today but all the copies of the book were out. Who tells 60 students to share 5 books in two days? My new prof apparently.)

Fun fact of the day: Peruvians may walk slow (and I mean slow. I walk above-average-fast but Peruvians walk even slower than Gordon amblers) but they eat fast! (I am always the last one to finish at the dinner table. Oh well. I'm enjoying my food.)

Hasta la proxima

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  1. Whew, after a 3 day blogging gap, I was afraid you were sick again! We are enjoying keeping track of you and your adventures. :-)