Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con cartitas a mi dia

Dear PUCP,
Who told you it was a good idea to change the time and room of classes between their 2 days of the week?

Dear self,
Way to successfully navigate PUCP scheduling until the second-to-last week of classes when you finally forgot that your Thursday class starts at 9, not 10.

Dear government,
Thanks for finally sending our student IDs...less than a month before I leave and less than 2 months before they expire. Nice work there.

Dear cobradores,
SEE, I told you I was a student. Now I have the little card you like so much. I have paid my last sol cincuenta.

Dear library,
Haha, I successfully returned a book and took another one out. Point for me.

Dear Cafetal,
Why do you not have chocolate on the day when I really need it?

Dear micro musicians,
You were AWESOME! I am vastly impressed with your skills of mandolin and pan-flute playing at the same time on a moving bus.

Dear school,
It's a good thing you are almost done because I am seriously lacking homework motivation.

Dear prof C,
Your choice of dates for our final exam are possibly the most inconvenient possible. It is really unfortunate that I will now have to study for your exam on my birthday.

Dear movistar,
I don't think I need your help-via-text with my English. Thanks though.

Dear host mom,
Thanks for giving me chocolate :) It is delicious. But now I am going to eat it all.

Dear deporte y vida,
See you tomorrow! I'm excited. I've missed you.

Dear internet,
I should really turn you off because you are a little too awesome for procrastinating.

And now I should go try to redeem this rather frustrating day by doing something productive. We'll see about that. (See last little letter)

Hasta la proxima

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