Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aqui estoy ... alta

The other day at Deporte y Vida a kid looked up at me and said, "Eres grandazo!," meaning, "You're ginormous!" Haha. This came in handy today as we decorated for CBU birthdays. They were standing on a chair to hang balloons, I jumped and stuck them to the ceiling :D
Newly discovered talent: decapitating pineapples. (See the flying top? It used to be on the counter-side end of the pineapple)
Sad news: I finished my peanut butter. Good news: I bought more. Bad news: It cost me 14 soles (~$5) Strange news: It says Best If Used English. Imported I suppose, hence the price.
That's pretty much my day. Hasta la proxima.

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