Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con mi familia!

My gringos have come to visit me
They arrived last night and spent today with me. We walked around my district, along the malecon (cliffwalk) and up Larco (my main street) and had lunch with my host family. Lima even broke the clouds to let them see a sunset.

My not-so-little, now-high-school-graduate brother

Lima conveniently supplied them examples of some of its best randomness:
Some sort of VW Beetle convention.
I didn't know that many Beetles existed in Lima!

The strange new statue of Jesus that lights up and changes color.
Also, kid with a balloon in the shape of a mace.
Thanks Lima.

I'm looking forward to showing them around more of my Lima, my life for this semester

Hasta la proxima

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