Monday, June 20, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con costumbres de la cocina

Peruvian kitchen customs have turned out to be a little different than those in the US. Maybe it's a family-to-family thing, maybe it's cultural, maybe it's climate-related. I don't know. All I know is some strike me as a little strange.

Putting plates over things and then leaving them on the counter is a perfectly acceptable way to store them. That bowl contains salad, by the way.

Eggs don't need to be refrigerated. In the grocery, they are on a shelf by the register. In my house, they do go in the refri, but if there's extras, they go here, in the cupboard.

Butter and jelly don't need covered

Freezer burn is not a concept. Those plain old shopping bags have raw chicken and hamburgers in them.

All things must be unplugged after use. That includes toaster, blender, rice-maker and stove.

Putting cheese in a tupperware instead of lightly wrapping it back up in its saran wrap?

Closing the bread bag so it doesn't go stale?

Not washing pans until they cool down?

Not concepts here.


Anyone else have other-culture kitchen thoughts?

Hasta la proxima

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