Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con otra biblioteca

Today I went to help clean the library at the Casa AGEUP. Basically, it's a house where students from around Peru stay, who belong to the Christian group AGEUP. CBU, the group I go to on campus is part of AGEUP and I like libraries and cleaning and organizing. Thus, perfect.

Even more fun, we found some funny, strange and just plain random books.

Death education...upon further inspection it turns out to be to study for counseling, but still a little startling initially in bright purple.
And Get your hands off my throat...well, what can I even say about that one?
Group guide = good. But penguins?
And, if you can't read it, the little tagline at the bottom says "You want to know what we need around here? I'll tell you what we need around here. We need name tags around here."
Something about Portuguese!
Was Karl Marx a satanist? I don't know but that's an awfully harsh question.
The Evangelization of the planet Koyat. Which is apparently a fictional planet. I have no idea how that works.
Random...Microsoft Works 3 (3!)
And, possibly the best one: Philosophic Problems of Nuclear Science. I hope I never have to read such a thing.

Now off to read my rather more useful book for my paper.
Hasta la proxima

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  1. I thought we had that radiation book, but I was thinking of "Nuclear Energy: In Cosmic and Human Life." Gotta love the library book sale for random acquisitions.