Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aqui estoy ... en el centro historico

Today I visited the Centro Historico de Lima again, visiting a couple plazas and a new museum of the food of Peru. A nice short little trip as a homework break J

First we went to Plaza San Martin where there is a statue of San Martin (one of the libertadores) on his horse, but the statue I really wanted to see is below, a woman. She has a llama on her head. So the story goes, when they sent the instructions to Spain for the statue they wrote “llama” which also means flame; they wanted a tongue of fire on her head. Instead, someone assumed Peru-llama the animal, and thus, she has a llama on her head.

Saw some awesome architecture along the way…

Then we went to Plaza 2 de Mayo which I wanted to see because it is surrounded by all blue buildings in a gorgeous blue. I went through in a taxi the other day and decided I needed to go back. We were definitely out of normal tourist range there though.

After that we went to Casa de la Gastronomia (literally House of Gastronomy). It’s a smallish museum that just opened in March. Entrance was free, which was a nice surprise. It was neat and worth a look, especially now that we’ve been here awhile and recognize what we’ve eaten (and what we do and don’t like).

Lentejas (lentils) I do not like
Pan (bread) I like
Regional foods map
Hasta la proxima!

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