Friday, June 17, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con el clasico

Truth be told ... I am tiring of this Peruvian classic.

White rice, puree of something and an egg. Lunch and dinner today appeared to be puree of beans. Earlier this week was puree of peas.

Appetizing, eh?

Is it possible that after a week at home in the States I will be missing rice? Will I want to put eggs on everything? Will I even wonder where the blender is? It's certainly possible, even likely dare I say.

(The grass is always greener, right? Although I'd have to say the grass probably is greener seeing as how Lima is built in a desert, despite all their water-wasting efforts to the contrary. But I digress)

Maybe I'll have to borrow my roommate's rice maker this year.

What am I hungry for?

New England seafood!! Clam chowder, clam strips, lobster bisque, shrimp, fish...ceviche is good but just not the same

Real milk. A glass of milk that has to be refrigerated and doesn't need water added or come in a bag or box. And a bowl of cereal with said milk.

Peanut butter. Without having to worry about when I'm going to run out and am I really going to pay 17 soles for another little jar.

My mom's bread. Peru has lots of different kinds of bread. And we get it fresh each day. But it's still not my mom's.

mmm, I'm hungry just thinking about this

Hasta la proxima!

1 comment:

  1. loving the new design.
    not loving the rice, egg and bean puree.
    and just to let you know, i still don't miss rice. =)