Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aqui estoy ... con pedacitos

Moments of the last couple in Peru

- a leftover Keiko poster, now with horns and Yupi written on it

- micro walls with preschool designs - merry-go-rounds and umbrellas and swingsets

- children who didn't believe my nails were real and tried to pull them off

- the high-maintenance little old lady who tried to get the other little old lady on the micro to give her the seat

- the lady selling q-tips on the micro. Caramelos, chocolate, ice cream, newspapers, jewelry ...but q-tips is a new one

- the guys outside la Cato with bright colored turbans. I think they're selling something. I don't know what.

- Hearing Semi-Charmed Life on the micro. Followed by Message in a Bottle and Under Pressure.

- The guitarrists on the micro...not just guitarrists but electric guitarrists. They had little amps that they clipped onto their belts.

- The Arequipa-Javier Prado underpass-bridge was apparently the first bypass in Peru, at least according to the plaque that I read as my micro was stopped there.

- realizing how thankful I am that I can sit on grass at Gordon. I swear the sprinklers are there to water the grass but to keep la cato students off it :(

- talking about cars with Daniel the taxista to Deporte y Vida. Some things I don't know in English or Spanish.

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